Kitchen Lines (For Dink Net)

Kitchen Lines (For Dink Net)

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Specifically designed for The Dink Net, these Kitchen Lines are a must have to ensure you're playing the same dimensions as the courts. Without them, you're practice sessions may not translate to in-game improvements as much as having them would.

We HIGHLY suggest them for anyone serious about drilling down the perfect (and legal) shots!

Product Details:

- Made from high quality materials to lay flat and velcro stay attached

- Custom made to fit The Dink Net

- 7 feet long on each side (standard kitchen length), 5 feet wide (matching The Dink Net width)

- Super lightweight and easy to travel with


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Key Benefits

- Improve your all around game: The Pickle Pad is specifically designed for improving your dinks, volleys, accuracy as well as understanding what to expect counter to each shot.

- Train whenever, wherever: We hated not having someone to train with when all we wanted to do was work on our game. Now you'll never need a training buddy to get some quick work in. Any smooth and hard surface is your new partner!

- Get better in privacy: Want to work on your game but embarrassed to do it in public just yet? Everyone's gotta start somewhere! Now you can improve in the privacy of your own home.

- Turn your wall into your partner: That's right! All you need is a smooth hard surface to stick The Pickle Pad on and you're all set to train!

- Become an expert faster: Part of what makes a great player is hitting the same shot 10,000 times. The Pickle Pad is the ultimate muscle memory training aid!

Train & Learn

Each level has tips and what to expect when returning shots in certain areas. So not only will you be working on your game, but simultenously improving your preperation in what to look for in a return shot.

The Pickle Pad will always put you one step ahead of your competitors. It's not just about hitting the shot, but knowing what shots can come next.

There When You Need It Most

At Picklin', we believe in 2 things. Playing Pickleball and having fun. Our problem was that we ALWAYS wanted to play, no matter what. The problem was we could never find enough people to always play with.

That's why we created The Pickle Pad. When that urge randomonly strikes to get some volleys in, we needed to be able to run to our Pickle Pad and endlessly play - even if it we were alone!

The Ultimate Training Aid

How good would you be if you had unlimited time and access to working on your game? How sharp would your volleys be? How precise would your dinks be?

The potential is endless. You can hange your game instantly for the better by adding in just 10 minutes a day on our Pickle Pad!

I can't tell you how much The Pickle Pad has helped my game! Truly. Like I considered myself inconsistent at best. Now I know for sure I'm gonna go out there and hit some great shots quite often.

Casey H.

The Setup

Find a smooth and hard wall

Pro tip - make sure you've got 7 feet for the kitchen! Also, a hard floor works best to replicate a real court as opposed to carpet.



Yes, we ship all over the world.

It depends on where you are. Orders processed in the US will take 7-10 business days to arrive. Overseas deliveries can take anywhere from 7-14 days. Delivery details will be provided in your confirmation email.


Yes! However, once you apply it to a surface, it's bet not to move it for best results.

Most of our customers put The Pickle Pad in either their garage or basement but any place with a smooth hard surface will work! We recommend also considering enough space for a makeshift kitchen to truly get a good practice session in.

The Pickle Pad is 36x48 IN or 90x120 CM.


You can contact us through our contact page! We will be happy to assist you.

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